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Leader responds to PM's social care announcement

07 September 2021

Norfolk County Council leader Councillor Andrew Proctor said: “Bill Borrett and I have pressed the Government, repeatedly, to address the real and mounting pressures on care services, which threaten to drag down the budget of every major council. So, I welcome today’s announcement for additional funding for care services.

“In welcoming the funds promised for both the NHS and social care, I am concerned that today’s announcement will not be sufficient to meet this council’s immediate and pressing need this winter and next year.

“Most of the money is going to the NHS, as they have significant financial challenges on the back of the Covid pandemic, but so do our people’s services for adults and children. Social care cannot be in second place after NHS needs have been met. There is also the fact the timing could mean that we have two years to wait before we see the full positive impact.

“Government promised to fix the social care funding crisis so social care, which has played such a crucial role in recent months and still does, should get the funding it needs and deserves. If this goes through it is only a partial fix, regrettably omitting additional money to cover the whole of our front line social care remit.

“I repeat my council’s offer to work with ministers and create a fair and sustainable system of funding for all aspects of social care. After all, councils are the day-to-day experts on the delivery of social care and we know where additional funding should be deployed .”

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