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Reaction to Government's winter strategy for Covid

14 September 2021

Today, the Government announced its five pillars strategy for handling COVID-19 over the winter.

Norfolk County Council leader Councillor Andrew Proctor said: “The success of the vaccination programme has been a major part of the country’s response to Covid. I welcome the clarity that the Prime Minister has provided, regarding booster vaccinations for the over 50s and the 5 point plan and measures proposed to manage any increase in cases over winter. I support completely having a contingency plan if the NHS comes under unsustainable pressure.

“Winter is always a challenging time for health and care services and the potential for more Covid and flu cases shows the need for continued vigilance by all of us. Even people who have been double jabbed can catch Covid and get ill which is why it’s essential everyone gets vaccinated.

“I continue to urge people to follow the hands, face, space advice, to take lateral flow tests twice a week, to keep buildings well ventilated and wear masks where appropriate. Please follow self-isolation advice, if you do test positive.

“The pandemic is far from over but based on how sensibly most people in Norfolk have acted, thinking of others to control the spread of the virus, I’m confident that this is the way we will continue, to face down the worst risks this winter. We want to ensure we can both respond to the virus and recover from it by keeping our economy open and hopefully avoid any further lockdowns”

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