Norfolk Schools already offer an amazing range of opportunities for out of school hours learning either before, at lunchtime or after the school day.

We work together, through a process of self-evaluation, to ensure that the highest quality of learning is provided in all Children's University learning activities, whether delivered on-site in schools or off-site by community providers.

It's easy to get involved - contact the Norfolk Children’s University team to request a welcome pack.

We will send you joining information, membership cost information and forms to complete.  Once you have registered you will need to order passports for the children, these are £5 each.  We will send you, advertising posters and stickers and arrange to come in and do a special launch event in your school.  Validated club organisers will then be able to put stickers into passports for every hour of learning completed by each child.

Any child aged 4-14 years, without exception, can participate in Children's University activities.

An evaluation by Cambridge University's John MacBeath found:

  • Being in the Children’s University significantly improves school attendance
  • Achievement is significantly better at Key Stages 1-3 for children who participate in Children’s University compared with non-attenders
  • The further children engage with CU, the better their attendance and achievement
  • Children’s University provides an environment for self-driven, confident and collegial learning
  • Children’s University provides a safe haven and models positive relationships
  • Pupils and teachers testify to life changing experiences
  • Opportunity costs are high for children in disadvantaged areas who do not attend Children’s University
  • Certificates, credits, passports and graduations are valued rewards
  • University settings help inspire and raise aspirations for children and parents
  • Children’s University has helped to make learning a reality

The work we do with schools

Norfolk Children’s University works with Norfolk schools to provide memorable and high quality learning experiences designed to inspire and raise aspirations, ambition and achievement

Any child aged 4-14 years, without exception, can participate in Children's University activities. Each child is free to decide which activities to pursue, and records their ‘learning journey’ in their Passport to Learning.

Achievement is rewarded with involvement in a fabulous graduation event at the University of East Anglia.

“Going to university made me and my parents really proud, especially seeing me in a cap and gown. My mum said she never thought she would see inside a university. It just makes me feel proud”

Evaluations carried out by the University of Cambridge demonstrated positive outcomes for pupils:

  • Learners can achieve significantly better by taking part in Children’s University activities
  • Schools can see improvements in attitudes to learning and attendance
  • Families can use Children’s university activities as a vehicle for sharing learning with their children

These tangible outcomes make membership of Norfolk Children’s University an ideal investment of Pupil Premium Funding.

It's easy to get involved – contact the Norfolk Children’s University team to request a welcome pack, this includes what's involved and how to sign up.

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