Campaigning, fundraising and volunteering

There are so many opportunities for young people to use their creativity, passion and determination to improve their local community.

Young people across Norfolk are taking action on the things that matter to them, by doing things like:

  • Supporting students at their school who have been bullied
  • Teaching older people to use technology to prevent them feeling isolated
  • Baking cakes, running miles and having fun raising money for charity

Take action now

Here are three actions you can take to make Norfolk an even better place to live:

  1. Volunteer your time to help others
  2. Fundraise for a charity or project
  3. Support another young person’s campaign or get money to create your own about something that really matters to you

Young people who take the time to improve their community learn new skills, do better at school and college, find it easier to get a job, feel better about themselves, meet new people and have tonnes of fun.  So go on, give it a go.

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