Closures and diversions

Kings Lynn Health, Heritage and Biodiversity Walks - Walk 8 - Bawsey Ruins

Bawsey Ruins Circular Walk is no longer fully open to the public. The landowner does not promote permissive access along Chilver House Lane. Public Access remains to the Ruins and Grimston Footpath 1 via Spot Lane

Fakenham Wensum River Walk closures

The riverside walk is closed in two sections, Fakenham Bridle Route 4 and Fakenham Restricted Byway 8. This is due to extreme and persistent flooding that has made the sections of path unsafe to use.

Fakenham Wensum River Walk bridleway emergency notice

Fakenham Wensum River Walk restricted byway emergency notice

Fakenham Wensum River Walk temporary traffic restriction order

Dereham Rush Meadow Health Walk

There is currently a closure in place on the Rush Meadow Health Walk on Dereham Footpath 34. This is because of extreme flooding which has made the bridge and boardwalk unsafe.

Dereham footpath 34 closure notice  

Dereham footpath 34 temporary traffic restriction order

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