Cycle loan scheme

Norfolk’s cycle loan scheme, being run by Norfolk County Council, aims to give more people access to a bicycle and actively encourage more cycling, by offering a variety of men's and women's bicycles, with 30 available in both Norwich and Great Yarmouth, as well as a lock, helmet and lights.

Bikes are limited to one per person, but more than one person can register for a bike in your household.

Bikes are free to use as you wish for four weeks (subject to a £10 security deposit).

We will then contact you to arrange collection of a bike from Bicycle Links Norwich or Pedal Revolution, Great Yarmouth (takes one hour).

You will be required to bring ID when you collect your bike, at which point we will offer you cycling training and maintenance advice.  We will also fit a suitable bike to you, demonstrate the gears, brakes and lock and ensure you are happy and ready to ride.

Finally we also ask you to complete a weekly survey before returning the bike four weeks later.  At this point you will have the opportunity to purchase the bike.

Register for the cycle loan scheme

Once you have registered we will be in touch with more details about how and where to collect your bike and the additional support available to ensure you get the most out of the loan.

Testimonies from customers who have used the cycle loan scheme

Ty from Norwich:

"I just wanted to thank you for this opportunity. Last year I found out I had leg and back issues and any load bearing exercise was impossible. I'm unable to afford a bicycle myself so this scheme has been amazing for my physical and mental wellbeing. I was stuck in a rut and gaining weight but having the bike to get around has made me feel miles better and been life changing in such a short space of time. Having the bike at home has encouraged my children to want to learn to ride their bikes and eventually they want to accompany me on my rides."

Samiya from Norwich:

"Being able to quickly cycle to the local shop is great - Cost free, exercise and environmentally friendly! I've also enjoyed going out every day and exploring my surroundings - I'm able to travel further and faster whilst taking in the lovely scenery."

Phil from Great Yarmouth:

"I enjoyed riding this lovely new bike, but have only been able to do about 20 miles. I injured my back (not through cycling) so have been unable to ride. But this is a fantastic scheme. Hopefully it can roll out as a regular rental programme, say weekly or monthly, etc. I would definitely use again. The guys at Great Yarmouth are friendly, helpful and full of advice. I would say more people should use this scheme. It also helps you educate younger riders who cycle with you. Brilliant!"

Sharron from Great Yarmouth:

"I have loved my bike sooo much that I don't want to give it back! I wanted to lose weight and get fitter and am on my way to do this by cycling six plus miles every other day…and loving it."

Oliver from Great Yarmouth:

"It's been really lovely having a reliable, well-built bicycle that I'm not constantly having to get fixed. It's meant that me and my daughter can cycle to and from school together which is a new thing for us."

Helen from Great Yarmouth:

"I hadn't been on a bike for over 40 years and I have really enjoyed it. I have been out riding with my grandsons and my daughter and we have had such fun. I have popped to the shop without taking the car, also been to visit my mum for a cuppa and a chat, no car and much quicker than walking!!"

Jo from Great Yarmouth:

“Fabulous training today with Peter. Realised how unsafe I have been over the past week as I didn't know the basics - road positioning, junctions, stopping. Thank you Peter for investing your time in showing me the basics, answering all my questions, and such an enjoyable afternoon on the bike. Really fabulous and I am excited to get out and explore!
Thanks for the opportunity! Will be practicing all I was taught today and spreading the word!”