About the scheme

The Transport for Attleborough project was successfully awarded £4.5m funding to support the planned growth within Attleborough. The key aim of the project is to improve all forms of transport within Attleborough which will help the town grow as smoothly and successfully as possible.

Over the past year we have developed a range of initial proposals and ideas which we feel will resolve the issues we have identified. A public consultation took place during July and August 2017 to seek views on a set of potential schemes that could be delivered at part of the Transport for Attleborough project.

Following the consultation we carefully considered all comments which helped us to prioritise the potential schemes and decide which order to deliver them in.

The proposed schemes aim to resolve some of the current problems with the road and transport networks, help people get into and around the town centre and try to prevent further congestion from increasing traffic levels from the planned development.

Construction work is intended to start in August 2018 and we expect to complete all construction work by September 2020.

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