Surrogate Street

What? Conversion of Surrogate Street to two way and realigning the junctions of Church Street and Connaught Road.

When? It is expected that works will commence in August 2018 and should be completed before the end of the year. 

Why? Converting Surrogate Street to two way will reduce congestion and improve pedestrian safety in Attleborough town centre, and reduce the number of right turning vehicles at Connaught Road and Exchange Street junction.

Installing traffic lights at Church Street junction will help to prevent long queues of traffic within the town centre and will benefit pedestrians wishing to cross the road.

The pavements next to the church on Surrogate Street and Church Street, and the pavement next to the shops on Church Street will be widened to improve pedestrian facilities.

Works Information:

From 3 September 2018 Norfolk County Council will be undertaking works to improve the road system in Attleborough. These improvements will include widening and upgrading Surrogate Street from one-way to two-way, signalising the Church Street junction at Norwich Road, reconfiguring the junction at Station Road and Connaught Road, installation of three new Zebra controlled crossings, resurfacing throughout the current one-way gyratory and amendments to lighting and drainage. There will also be utility diversion works to facilitate the scheme, which are due to take place from 20th August and continue alongside the main works.

Multi-way signals will be used for various parts of the works and where footways are closed for improvements there will be alternate routes for pedestrians. There will be a need for various restrictions on movements and parking, in the following locations and at the times stated (please note the below change to Besthorpe Road):

  • Church Street – Closure of left-turn lane into Norwich Road from 3 September for one week.
  • Church Street – Suspension of on-street car parking from 11 September for one month.
  • Besthorpe Road – Closure at western end onto Surrogate Street from 3 September to 8 November. Inbound lane from Norwich Road closed 3 October to 18 October, with inbound traffic allowed outside of these dates.
  • Surrogate Street – Eastern side footway closed from 19 October to 8 November, including entrance from Besthorpe Road and exit into Thieves Lane. Western side footway closed from 8 November to 23 November including entrance from Church Street and exit into Connaught Road.
  • Church Street / Besthorpe Road / Surrogate Street / Norwich Road / Connaught Road / Station Road – Overnight road closures for resurfacing from 15 November for 5 days

Where road closures or turning restrictions are in place, diversion routes will be clearly signed on site. Any closures or restrictions will be removed as soon as we are able to do so in order to avoid undue inconvenience.

The County Council thanks people for their patience while this road improvement work is carried out.

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