Surrogate Street

What? Conversion of Surrogate Street to two way and realigning the junctions of Church Street and Connaught Road.

When? Works are currently ongoing and are due to be complete in early December.

Why? Converting Surrogate Street to two way will reduce congestion and improve pedestrian safety in Attleborough town centre, and reduce the number of right turning vehicles at Connaught Road and Exchange Street junction.

Installing traffic lights at Church Street junction will help to prevent long queues of traffic within the town centre and will benefit pedestrians wishing to cross the road.

The pavements next to the church on Surrogate Street and Church Street, and the pavement next to the shops on Church Street will be widened to improve pedestrian facilities.

Road closures and restrictions

As part of the ongoing improvement works in Attleborough, Norfolk County Council will be resurfacing a number of roads within the town centre. This will include Station Road, Church Street, Connaught Road, Surrogate Street, Norwich Road, Thieves Lane and Besthrope Road.

To minimise congestion to the wider road network and disruption to businesses within the town centre these works will take place overnight from 7pm to 6am. The works will be completed under two road closures.

Closure One will involve:

  • Norwich Road (from Plumstead Drive to Besthorpe Road)
  • Church Street (from the exit of Queen’s Square to its junction with Norwich Road)
  • Besthorpe Road (at its junction with Surrogate Street)
  • Surrogate Street (for its entire length)

Closure Two will involve

  • Station Road (from Connaught Road to Maurice Gaymer Road)
  • Connaught Road (from Station Road to New North Road)
  • Thieves Lane (at its junction with Station Road)
  • Surrogate Street (for its entire length)

Surrogate Street will also be closed for one additional night independently for road markings and traffic signal works.

The scheduled start date for the resurfacing works is Sunday 25 November. The works are expected to take five nights to complete although no set dates have been assigned to the different closures within this time frame. The dates are subject to change due to weather conditions. Clearly signed diversion routes will be in place during the road closures and access to properties will be maintained. For one-way roads, such as Church Street and Connaught Road, the one-way restriction will be temporarily removed which will allow controlled access to properties on these routes or safe egress from parking areas such as Queens Square car park.

Additionally, the existing road closure on Besthorpe Road and the temporary 20mph speed limit on Surrogate Street will be maintained until 5 December 2018.

Conversion of Surrogate Street to two-way

From approximately 10am on Wednesday 5 December Surrogate Street will be opened to two-way traffic, and the new traffic lights at the junction of Church Street and Norwich Road will be switched on.

Vehicles approaching from the Station Road will be able to access Surrogate Street from its southern end and travel northwards towards the A11. Traffic from Station Road will need to give way to vehicles travelling from Surrogate Street to Connaught Road.

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience experienced due to the ongoing works and thank you for your patience. For more information on the scheme, email

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