Hall Quay area

Norfolk County Council and Great Yarmouth Borough Council have put forward proposals for changes to the Hall Quay area of the town, which would be delivered using funding from the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership’s Local Growth Fund.

The Hall Quay scheme would greatly assist the Borough Councils regeneration plans for this area, for which they have recently adopted a Supplementary Planning Document - Hall Quay Planning Brief. The Hall Quay area is a key component of the adopted Great Yarmouth Town Centre Masterplan and this scheme helps to deliver these ambitions. 

This project builds on other recent improvements in Great Yarmouth, including work to the Market Gates Bus Interchange, pedestrian wayfinding, Fuller’s Hill roundabout, and pedestrian and cycling improvements.

The main aims of the Hall Quay scheme are to:

  • Regenerate the area and return Hall Quay to its historic status as a central hub, helping to attract more visitors.
  • Provide accessibility improvements for pedestrians.
  • Improve links for cyclists through Hall Quay and help encourage people to use more sustainable modes of transport.
  • Provide a blank canvas for any future public realm improvements.
  • Maintain current capacity on the road network.


In May 2019, we consulted on a number of scheme proposals and we were pleased with the level of engagement. The development of the Hall Quay scheme has considered this feedback and as a result of this, we have included more planters.

What the scheme includes

Key elements of the scheme would include:

  • Removal of the Hall Quay access road to provide an enhanced area for pedestrians and cyclists, including high quality paving, new signage and cycle parking
  • New seating for people to enjoy the area
  • New planters and soft landscaping
  • A loading bay for deliveries and a pick-up / drop-off area for taxis

This scheme would include a loss of up to 15 short stay (30 minutes) parking bays. A range of other parking options would remain available nearby.

The construction cost of the scheme is expected to be around £750,000.

Next steps

A Traffic Regulation Order was advertised with a statutory consultation period between 13 December 2019 and 10 January 2020. We are in the process of reviewing and replying to these responses.

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