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This page features an archive of all the relevant documents detailing the NDR proposals, including; cabinet reports, business cases, sensitivity reports and 2015 Full Approval submission.

Cabinet reports

Norfolk County Council’s Cabinet used to meet monthly, in public, to make decisions on behalf of the Council. It consisted of 10 members of the ruling administration and included all the members with responsibilities for particular service areas. The Cabinet has now been replaced by a Committee.

Cabinet met to discuss the NDR on;

  • 7 March 2005
  • 19 September 2005
  • 15 September 2008
  • 6 April 2010
  • 2 April 2012
  • 3 December 2012

Details of all these meetings can be found in our committee archive.

Reports prepared to support selection of a preferred route

Preliminary Assessment of Route Options (2005)

Western Route Options Report - March 2005

Eastern Route Options Report - March 2005

Stage 2 Scheme Assessment Report (2005)

Traffic and Economic Assessment (2005)

Major Scheme Business Case Submission (2008/09)

The original Major Scheme Business Case (MSBC) was submitted to the Department for Transport (DfT) in July 2008.

This submission was for the full NDR route between the A47 at Postwick and the A1067.

At the request of the DfT further information was produced in 2009 by the County Council to support the business case. Included with this further information was an appraisal of a part NDR route between the A47 and finishing at the A140.

In December 2009 the part NDR between A47 and the A140 was formally granted Programme Entry and thereby included in the DfT’s programme for future funding. The announcement confirmed potential funding of £67.49m from DfT and £21m of Community Infrastructure Funding for Postwick Hub.

The Government’s comprehensive spending review resulted in a review of existing funding commitments by the DfT in June 2010 which has resulted in the NDR and Postwick Hub being included within a ‘Development Pool’ of schemes requiring a new funding bid to be prepared by Norfolk County Council.

Our Best and Final Bid for NDR (A140 to A47) and Postwick Hub were submitted to DfT in September 2011.

The funding bid was approved for DfT with reconfirmation of Programme Entry in December 2011.

MSBC Documents (2008)

In addition to this the Department for Transport (DfT) asked us to provide further information to support the business case which is detailed below:

DfT Sensitivity Tests

Core Scenario

Dependent Development

Part NNDR from A140 to A47

Tests 2-6

DfT Development Pool Bid Submission (2011)

2015 Full Approval submission

Noise Insulation Regulations

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