Chartwell Road

Expected start: 8 January 2018

Expected completion:
March 2018

Details of work:

  • Construction of a dedicated signalised cycle crossing on Chartwell Road to improve the crossing facilities for cyclists between Spixworth Road and St Clements Hill
  • Modification of the existing pedestrian crossing by reducing the length of the crossing ‘stagger’ on the Chartwell Road central island
  • Widening of the footways at the junction
  • Realignment of the traffic islands where Spixworth Road and St Clements Hill meet Chartwell Road

Reasons for work:

  • To allow cyclists and pedestrians to cross Chartwell Road more quickly and directly by providing a dedicated one-stage, cycle-only crossing
  • To improve the existing crossing for pedestrians by reducing the length of the ‘stagger’
  • To improve the overall look of the area by reducing the amount of pedestrian guardrails and hatched road markings


Proposals for this project were subject to public consultation in March 2017.