View details of work that took place in Cringleford for phase 1 of the project.

The project aims to make it easier and safer to get around by bicycle, on foot and by bus, without delaying general traffic.

A summary of the revised proposals for Eaton is as follows.  The design plan for the scheme is available to download in the box to the right, along with copies of the original Traffic Regulation Orders - sections that are still relevant to the revised proposals are highlighted in yellow.

Measures retained from original proposals:

  • Reducing traffic speeds through traffic calming and implementation of a 20mph restriction
  • Widening the cycle track that leads up the hill from the Cellar House pub to Newmarket Road.  This will now see an increase from 1.5m to 3m, allowing for-two way cycle flow – original plans were only to widen the path to about 2m.
  • Increasing maximum stay to two hours in the existing parking area outside the old Post Office on Eaton Street
  • Installing double yellow lines on the remainder of the slip road and extending these further into Eaton Street
  • Moving the vehicle stop line back in Bluebell Road so buses and other large vehicles can turn left from Eaton Street more easily
  • Simplifying pedestrian crossings in the centre of Eaton
  • Resurfacing the carriageway and upgrading the junction with new traffic signals to improve the efficiency of the junction for all users

New proposed measures

  • Providing an on-carriageway feeder lane/Advance Stop Line (ASL) for cyclists on Eaton Street (west) approaching the crossroads heading towards the uphill slip road.  This will provide cyclists with a safer area to access the crossroads and wait at the signals.
  • New cycle traffic signal for ahead cycles to be introduced on Eaton Street (west) approach to allow cycles a green traffic signal in advance of general traffic.  This will give them a head start heading straight on towards the uphill slip road.
  • Installation of ‘gateway signs’ on the main route into Eaton village centre to be sited at the Cringleford Bridge and Eaton Street slip road

Previous measures that will no longer be progressed

  • Narrowing the entrance to Waitrose car park and putting an informal crossing for cyclists and pedestrians on a raised table
  • Widening pavements in the centre of Eaton with more attractive surfaces, planting and the removal of redundant street furniture to improve the look of the conservation areas
  • Providing a toucan crossing on Church Lane to give a crossing point for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Providing four new parking bays opposite to Barclays Bank on Church Lane as alternative parking to the parking bays removed from Eaton Street
  • Providing short sections of mandatory cycle lanes centrally in the carriageway to enable right turning and ahead movements by cyclists travelling east and an on-carriageway cycle lane for cyclists travelling west towards Cringleford Bridge

Next steps

The revised scheme outlined above was open for public feedback until 18 August.  Construction of the final scheme is due to begin on Monday 2 July.  A public information notice with full details, including traffic management, will be issued to residents in advance of work starting on site.

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