St Crispins Road crossing

Expected start:  Spring 2018 


We have carried out a consultation with Norwich City Council on the proposals.

The results of the consultation were reported to the Norwich Highways Agency Committee at City Hall, St Peters Street, Norwich on Thursday 16 March 2017.

Details of work

  • Installation of wide, conspicuous and direct toucan crossing across the ring road between St George’s Street and Butolph Street
  • Filling in of the existing subway to replace it with the surface crossing
  • Installation of segregated walking and cycling paths on either side of St Crispin’s Road
  • Removal of subway entrance walls, providing space for landscaping and planting.

Reasons for work

  • Provide a high quality, at grade, quick and more direct crossing for pedestrians and cyclists across the inner ring road
  • Create a more accessible crossing for those with mobility issues
  • Remove the ongoing maintenance costs of the existing subway, such as cleaning, lighting, repair work and pumping out water
  • Provide and important link in the yellow pedalway, which crosses the city between Lakenham in the south and Norwich International Airport in the north