Thorpe Hamlet traffic calming

Norfolk County Council and the Transport for Norwich (TfN) partnership are asking for feedback on proposed highway improvements in the Thorpe Hamlet area. It is also the intention to provide a 20mph speed limit covering much of the local area.

This project aims to reduce traffic speeds across Thorpe Hamlet and improve safety for all road users.

Read on for more information on the project and how to take part in the consultation.

What’s being proposed and why

As you may be aware, a scheme was completed in autumn 2022, in the vicinity of the Foundry Bridge junction which included restricting southbound traffic along Thorpe Road between Lower Clarence Road and Riverside Road and we have been closely monitoring the effect this has had on vehicle ‘speeds’ and ‘traffic flows’ within Thorpe Hamlet.

Traffic data was gathered prior to the commencement of the Foundry Bridge/Rail Station works and again following its completion. The aim was to analyse the effect that the scheme has had on local traffic movements.

Following integration of the traffic flow and speed data, it was found that, in some circumstances, traffic flows have reduced, and the speeds on many roads remain very similar to ‘pre-bus gate’ levels and in some cases are in fact lower.

It was however found that, vehicular traffic using Rosary Road has increased slightly since the ‘bus gate’ became operational, however it appears vehicular speeds have remained relatively consistent. Consideration was also given to vehicles utilising Chalk Hill Road and St Matthews Road, to determine if any access restrictions such as ‘one-ways’ or banning movements in or out of these roads was deemed appropriate. Looking at the traffic data, there has not been a significant increase in vehicle speeds or flows along these roads and as such we do not intend to propose any changes within these roads.

Mean speeds along Rosary Road itself were recorded at 25.3mph and these are considered slightly higher than would be hoped for providing a 20mph speed limit, hence it is proposed to provide traffic calming in the form of road humps and to place the existing zebra crossing on a raised table. Please note, it is not proposed to provide physical calming measures at the eastern end of Rosary Road due to the lower recorded speeds (as it is felt that the existing ‘on street’ parking in this area acts as traffic calming).

The proposals

As part of the planned highway improvements, we are consulting on proposals to:

  • Introduce an area wide 20mph speed limit zone in various roads of Thorpe Hamlet (it is felt that the existing ‘natural’ calming features, such as road geometry and on street parking etc. will continue to constrain speeds close to 20mph and therefore only signage is being promoted on these roads. It is therefore felt compliance to a proposed 20mph without the need for introduction of physical traffic calming features, except for Rosary Road and Wolfe Road will be acceptable
  • Provide traffic calming in the form of road humps along Rosary Road, including placing the existing zebra crossing on a raised table
  • Provide traffic calming in the form of road humps along Wolfe Road, in the vicinity of Lionwood Junior School
  • Introduce a 20mph speed limit along High Green, the southern section of Telegraph Lane East, Cotman Road, Wellesley Avenue South, Cintra Road and Heathside Road
  • Removal of two vehicle activated signs that are currently located in Rosary Road

The downloadable plan shows the area covered by the proposals. Hard copies and alternative formats can also be provided on request.

These improvements would be funded by the Department for Transport’s Transforming Cities Fund and a contribution from Norfolk County Council’s Local Member Fund. The Transforming Cities Fund can only be spent on improvements to the highway network.

We are aware there are presently some issues with non-compliance in respect of the recent changes on Thorpe Road and further remedial works to remedy this are already in hand. Further details of these works will be communicated to local residents in due course.


The consultation ended on Sunday 17 September 2023. 

Next steps

We will carefully consider all responses and consider if the proposals require amendments. If approved, new Traffic Regulation Orders and Notices will be needed in order to implement the new 20mph speed limits, raised table and road humps. It is hoped construction would begin in Spring 2024.

This webpage above will be kept up to date with the latest progress and information.


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