Eaton and Cringleford

Phase 1: Cringleford

May to August 2017

Work included:

  • Traffic signals either side of Cringleford Road bridge to help manage queuing and improve traffic flow, particularly at peak times
  • Zebra crossings over Colney Lane and Newmarket Road in Cringleford
  • New lighting on the footbridge
  • Preparatory work of the introduction of a 20mph limit and traffic calming


  • £285,000
  • DfT Cycle City Ambition grant, Local Growth Fund and local developer contributions


Contractor: Tarmac

Phase 2: Eaton

Designs for Eaton had to be looked at again to address cost issues associated with construction of the original proposals. With this in mind, we have revisited feedback from the previous project consultation and put together a revised plan, which we feel delivers the greatest benefits to the area while also providing value for money.

Background and consultation

The centre of Eaton and Cringleford is a busy part of the Norwich transport network. Projects such as this outside the city centre are particularly important as part of our strategy to connect communities with the city centre and places of employment.

This overall scheme aims to improve safety for all road users and is part of ongoing work to improve the quality of cycling infrastructure across the city.

The consultation for the scheme as a whole took place in October 2016. The results were reported to the Norwich Highways Agency Committee on 24 November 2016 at which it was also approved for construction.

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