Roads and parking

There have been big changes to the flow of general traffic around the city.

While cars are no longer able to cut through the centre of Norwich with the permanent closure of Westlegate, the changes are designed to help get drivers where they need to be while also creating a pedestrian-friendly environment in the heart of the shopping area.

The aim of the most recent changes, which also saw Golden Ball Street becoming two-way, is to build on other Transport for Norwich projects, especially the changes in 2014 to St Stephens Street, Chapel Field North, and Rampant Horse Street. They are also designed to make the most of the benefits of the Norwich Northern Distributor Road, which is due to be completed in late 2017.

Benefits include:

  • Giving motorists easier access to car parks, including John Lewis, both Castle Mall car parks and the newly-built Rose Lane multi-storey
  • Restoring All Saints Green as an attractive traffic-free open space 
  • Improving pedestrian and cycle connection with the rest of the city centre by removing traffic from Westlegate
  • Simplifying north-south vehicle access by making Golden Ball Street two-way

For those wanting to drive to Norwich, there is a wide range of well-distributed parking, as well as regular Park and Ride services.

The links below offer real-time information about parking availability across the city, locations and prices, as well as other options to get around Norwich and beyond.

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