Postwick junction

The higher capacity A47 junction at the Postwick Hub opened to traffic in December 2015.  Following a period of monitoring, minor improvements were made in 2016, including a segregated left turn lane on the north-west roundabout.

The new Postwick junction overcomes serious capacity and road safety problems with the old junction – in particular the high risk of traffic queuing back from the junction on to the 70mph dual carriageway.

The only way of solving these problems was to redesign the junction.  Numerous designs were investigated, but the current layout was the only one that provided the increase in capacity while meeting mandatory national design standards (see Postwick junction frequently asked questions).

Altogether the redevelopment of the Postwick junction has cost £27.7m, with the Government contributing £19m towards the construction cost. This is included in the £178.95m cost of the Northern Distributor Road.

On its own, the improved junction will provide a significant boost to the local economy, unlocking land for 1,600 homes and 5,000 jobs, and a potential £80m in private investment.

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