About the NDR construction

The final section of the Norwich Northern Distrbutor Road, from the A1151 Wroxham Road to the A47 at Postwick, opened on Tuesday 17 April.

The whole of the NDR is now open to traffic, from A1067 Fakenham Road to the A47 at Postwick.

You'll find answers to frequent questions about the NDR construction, including noise and traffic management, below.

Norwich Northern Distributor Road will be the A1270.

Many of the roads crossing the NDR go through narrow lanes and between cones and barriers even when work is not taking place. There are also times when work is carried out outside the normal (7am to 7pm) working hours. Covering and uncovering all the signs on all the routes would also be a major operation that would put the workforce at risk, as well as reducing construction time. For drivers, going half a mile at 30mph instead of 60mph takes 30 seconds longer.

The police have advised that consistency is also important for enforcement, which is carried out by the Safety Camera Partnership. 

Disruptive traffic management measures, such as road closures or temporary signals during peak hours on a busy route, are publicised in a number of ways:

NDR Traffic Updates, sent out to the media and published on our News web pages. 

On social media, including Facebook (search for Norwich Northern Distributor Road) and Twitter.

On the Elgin Roadworks.org website.

As works to build the road have started, the land is now in the hands of the Council’s contractors and no permission for other access to it can be granted.

We have received a number of reports of impatience and overtaking when someone in front keeps to the limit. We have also had to accept that this is likely to carry on if people continue to consider the speed limits to be inappropriate or unreasonable in some way.

With this in mind, we have reviewed and reduced the length of some speed limits (such as on the A140 and A1067), and intend to remove the speed limits on roads where no work is expected for a few weeks.

By taking these steps we want people to respect these speed limits whenever they come across them. In the end enforcement is a matter for the Safety Camera Partnership, but they are well aware that construction sites carry a much higher accident risk than the general network, and that speed limits through roadworks should be adhered to.

In order to discharge Requirement 8 of the NDR Development Consent Order, a Written Scheme for Noise Mitigation has been produced. Section 4.0 of the document details how noise will be managed during construction of the NDR. You can download the document from the NCC planning portal, under attachments.

Base line noise monitoring has already been undertaken at a number of locations, which will provide data that can be used to help inform the evaluation of future claims under the Land Compensation Act. Compensation claims under Part 1 of the Land Compensation Act can consider the impact of several physical factors, of which noise is just one. Noise readings therefore provide a useful background to before and after conditions. However they are not the 'be all and end all' of information used and contour maps of noise level changes and similar noise levels would probably also be useful information.

Therefore, baseline noise monitoring locations were chosen such that survey results would give us an indication of background noise levels across a broad area as it would not be practical to undertake these at every residential location.

You can contact the NDR team via email: norwich.transport@norfolk.gov.uk.

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