Trees and landscape

Most of the NDR will pass through an arable rural landscape, skirting the urban fringe and new housing areas in places, and with higher quality parkland around Beeston and Rackheath.

The route of the road has been chosen to avoid properties and reduce its effect on open countryside. Most will be unlit, to reduce night time impact, and its design includes measures to help it blend into the landscape as far as possible. These include:

  • The creation of naturalistic embankments, cuttings and other features
  • Extensive new planting, in keeping with existing woodlands and hedges, to screen views of the road and to link wildlife habitats

Altogether around 9,000 trees of all sizes have been felled, but over 30,000+ new trees of native species are being planted. The replacement rate recognises that it will take time for young trees to reach maturity, and not all will survive.

In addition to the trees, around 270,000 shrubs and hedgerow plants are being planted. Grassed areas will be sown with wildflower and grassland seed mixes to encourage insects.

Special attention will be given to areas of the higher quality parkland, and along the whole route impact of the road on the landscape will diminish as planting matures.

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