How we're funding the NDR

The Northern Distributor Road, including the Postwick Hub, will cost £205m. Updated cost figures were published in November 2017. The road is being paid for by the Department for Transport, the Community Infrastructure Levy (with the agreement of Norwich City, Broadland and South Norfolk councils), Norfolk County Council, New Anglia LEP, and Growth Point funds.

By supporting growth, particularly in the north east quadrant, the NDR will help maximise the exciting economic opportunity offered through the Greater Norwich City Deal with Government.

The City Deal will accelerate local growth and act as a catalyst to deliver:

  • 40,000 new jobs – a 30% uplift from our current outlook
  • 37,000 new homes for Greater Norwich
  • 50% increase in knowledge based business
  • 30% increase in GVA above trend
  • An international flagship for life science at the Norwich Research Park

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