Card not recognised on the bus

When you attempted to use your holdall on the bus, what happened?

If a red light flashed when you tried to use your card on the bus, this could mean that either;

  • There are insufficient funds or tickets on the card. To resolve this, you can top-up your card.  Note: holdall smartcards cannot be used for part payment
  • Your pre-paid ticket is not valid on that service or has expired
  • Your card was presented for a sQuid pay as you go purchase without the driver first entering the ticket(s) you want to buy. As there are many different ticket prices on different services, the driver must first enter the ticket(s) you want to buy before the machine can withdraw money from your sQuid travel purse

You can see what you have on your asking the driver for a “Smartcard Print”. This is a print off of the current contents of your card.  You can also check your card contents at the help points at Norwich bus station and all Park and Ride sites, or by logging into your holdall or sQuid accounts. 

If the ticket machine does not recognise a card at all, this means the card is damaged and you will need to order a new one by logging into your holdall account.

You can order a replacement card and your prepaid tickets will be transferred to your new card.

If you use the sQuid Travel Purse and order a new card, when you receive your replacement in the post you can register it on the sQuid website and your money will transfer to the new card.

If you use Norfolk Car Club and order a new card, you can register your new card on the Norfolk Car Club website.

Note - an admin fee of £10 will be charged for a replacement card.