Pay as you go

Once registered on your holdall smartcard, the sQuid Travel Purse allows you to top up your card with pre-paid funds, safe in the knowledge that your money is protected and yours to spend on pay-as-you-go travel.

To set your holdall card up to use on a pay as you go basis;


  1. Register your holdall smartcard with the sQuid Travel Purse
  2. Add funds to your sQuid Travel Purse online

Due to the processing system, there may be a slight delay before your funds are available on the sQuid Travel Purse.

On the bus

  1. Tell the driver what ticket(s) you would like to buy
  2. Let the driver enter your ticket(s) on the ticket machine, confirm the price then present your holdall smartcard to the smart reader and the ticket price will be deducted from your card
  3. Take your paper ticket and keep it for your return journey, just like a cash ticket

The sQuid Travel Purse can currently be used to purchase day tickets for individuals or group tickets for 3, 4 or 5 people on the following services;

Note - money in your sQuid Travel Purse can only be used to buy day tickets, not season tickets or 10 Day Returns and funds cannot be transferred from one holdall smartcard to another.