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Social distancing measures for pedestrians and cyclists

In May 2020, the Government announced an 'emergency active travel fund' to support measures to allow social distancing in our towns and high streets.

We have followed Government guidance and reallocated road space to support the reopening of shops and businesses and enable social distancing where we live.

There are two phases to this work: phase one involves immediate temporary measures that can be deployed quickly. Phase two involves more significant improvements and will take longer to design and implement.

This page provides information on phase one measures and how and where they have been implemented. You can visit our Future measures and funding details page to find out more about phase two measures and how the fund works.

Phase one measures

Since the announcement, we have been working alongside local city, district and borough councils to identify locations where swift action is needed to help social distancing as schools, workplaces and shops start to open again.

While we have implemented these changes to help pedestrians, we recognise that changing pavement and road layouts can cause disruption to users with disabilities. We have tried to minimise these impacts as much as possible, for example by providing kerb ramps for pushchairs, mobility scooters and wheelchairs.

The information on this page and the pages linked to below is designed to help you familiarise yourself with the changes before you encounter them and prepare for your journey. We have provided a text-based description to help pedestrians with a sight-loss understand these changes. You may also wish to undertake journeys with a guide who can describe the changes to you first hand.

Initial changes to streets include:

Advisory pedestrian one-way systems

Where footways are narrow and cannot be temporarily widened into the road, we encourage pedestrians to travel in one direction only to allow for social distancing.

Where a pedestrian one-way system is in place we encourage you to orientate yourself with the building line on your left hand side and travel in that direction. To undertake a return journey where pedestrian one-way systems are in place, you will need to cross the road and return on the other side.

Temporary widened footways

Where permissible, we may widen the footway into the road using barriers, ramps and cones to create more space for social distancing. Please be aware there may be a level difference caused by kerbs where this occurs.

Road closures

Where deemed necessary, we will close the road to all or selected vehicles to create more space for pedestrians to move around in. Please be mindful that the location of road signs, kerbs and bollards will not change and that existing kerb heights will remain the same.


Use the links below to find out details of the specific measures in place in different Norfolk locations:

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