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As the Highway Authority, Norfolk County Council maintains most of the 6,000 miles of roads in Norfolk, except:

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Once a fault is reported, an assessment is made to determine our response time based on the size and location of the fault.

For information on our response times, read our Transport Asset Management Plan (PDF 20.2mb).

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Roads, pavements and cycleways problem types


Large holes on the road, path or cycleway surface

Drainage and flooding

Standing water, ditches, blocked drain, flooded property, impassable road

Highway damage (excluding potholes)

Cracks or other damage excluding potholes to a road

Hedges and trees

Trees or hedges that have fallen into the road or are leaning, unstable, diseased or dying


Broken, missing or problems with streetlights

Manhole cover

Broken, missing or rocking manhole cover

Grass, weed or verges

Overgrowth creating issues or obstructions

Road signs and posts

Damaged, missing or dirty road and warning signs

Obstructions, spillages and mud

Thick mud, soil, stones, embankment slips, large branches and illegal road signs

Road markings

White and yellow, stop or give way lines

Surface dressing

Bleeding tarmac or missing chippings of a road

Traffic lights

Damage or fault to traffic lights or signals

Street furniture

Damaged, missing or unsuitable condition of roadside fences or barriers

Cats eyes and studs

Damaged, obstructed or missing cats eyes or studs


Structural damage or significant obstructions restricting water flow

Winter maintenance

Damaged grit bins

Public right of way or trail problem types

Overgrown surface

Surface vegetation affecting use of public rights of way or trails

Overgrown trees or bushes

Trees or bushes affecting the use of public rights of way or trails

Damaged or missing sign

Damaged or missing finger posts or way-marker signs

Obstruction (man-made)

Obstructions preventing use of public rights of way or trails, including unauthorised gates or barriers

Surface condition

Unsuitable surface condition affecting use of public rights of way or trails

Crops or ploughing

Crops or ploughing affecting public rights of way or trails

Gate or barrier

Damaged, missing or problematic gates or barriers

Tree dangerous or fallen

Large vegetation that is affecting the use of, or may cause harm to users of, public rights of way or trails

Misleading sign

Finger posts, way-marker or other signs displaying incorrect, illegal or unsuitable information


Damaged or missing bridge

Illegal or vehicle use

Inappropriate or illegal use of a public right of way or trail

Flooded path

Standing water affecting public rights of way or trails

Stile damaged, too high or other

Unusable stiles due to damage or misplacement


Animals affecting use of public rights of way or trail

Steps damaged or other

Damaged or missing steps