D1 minibus licence training

4 day course for businesses £800

Since 1 January 1997, drivers who pass their driving test in Category B have not been given D1 entitlement, which means that they are not licensed to drive minibuses for hire or reward.

To obtain this licence, drivers must undergo another driving test (including a medical check and theory test).  Norfolk County Council provide professional, low cost training for individuals seeking to gain their D1 Licence.

The course is ideal for schools and community groups who need to regularly drive a minibus and do not yet have the correct licence.  

Course details

  • The training offers excellent value and is run by experts
  • This scheme is an alternative to schools and establishments paying in excess of £1,000 to a commercial training body to obtain a D1 category
  • It is run on a ‘costs only’ basis to minimise the expense incurred
  • Courses are run out of County Hall, Norwich
  • Other training schemes of this type can be provided

To discuss your training needs contact roadsafety@norfolk.gov.uk