Workshops for young drivers

£25 per person.

Most young people are keen to get behind the wheel and out on the road as soon as possible after they have passed their driving test.

However, young drivers (17 to 25) who have relatively limited experience behind the wheel are the most likely group of drivers to be seriously injured or killed on the roads.

The road safety course, TREAD, is specifically for younger drivers.

Email to apply for a place on this course.

The course covers a range of interactive workshops including:

  • TREAD carefully – winter driving, including the risks of worn tyres and how to spot dangerous tyre wear, how to change bulbs and fuses and check fluid levels
  • Feeling flat – the session where drivers bring along and learn about their own vehicle (or one of the team’s if they don’t have one), including changing a wheel
  • Get a grip – staying focused, improving your safety on the road. Topics discussed are drink, drugs, fatigue and stress
  • Stay on track and the road ahead – a car full of friends can be distracting for the driver as well as the temptation to use mobile phones. This workshop helps drivers avoid these distractions and keep focussed on the road. We will also advise how drivers can continue to improve their driving, stay a step ahead and reduce risks

Young drivers will also learn how to avoid a skid in a specially modified car.

TREAD courses are held at weekends and during school/college holiday periods from 9am to 4pm.