Keeping safe with Bethany and Benjamin

Suitable for ages 4-5
20 minutes

Young children are encouraged to learn the basics of keeping safe as a pedestrian and a car passenger, with the help of our road safety teddy bears Benjamin and Bethany.

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These two road safety teddy bears, assisted and interpreted by a member of the road safety staff, attend groups to talk about keeping safe by the road and in the car.

  • Children look, listen and participate
  • Imaginative role play which takes about 20 minutes
  • The road safety information is important and appropriate for foundation stage (early years)
  • Parents and carers are welcome to come along

The bears allow us to talk in a way which young children can understand and remember as they can interact physically and verbally, exploring the need for road safety.

For example, the bears talk about holding hands with an adult when near the road and wearing your seatbelt whilst in a vehicle.

Other particular concerns can also be addressed, if we know beforehand.

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