Level 2 cycle training


Suitable for ages 9-10.

This course helps students of 9+ years to begin learning techniques and strategies so they can interact safely with other public road users when cycling.

The children take part in a written assessment.

In the final session there is an on-road practical assessment.   Contact roadsafety@norfolk.gov.uk to apply.

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Children can be trained by teachers, classroom assistants, parent-helpers or others and road safety staff will come into school/group to train an instructor.

A school or group is responsible for CRB checking of its instructors.

The usual routine is for the road safety person to initially lead the course with the new instructor gradually taking more and more responsibility until by the end of it, they are running the course under supervision.

The trainee trainer has ample opportunity for practicing techniques and questioning the road safety staff member.

Once an instructor has been trained by road safety staff, the school / group can plan and run Level 2 on-road cycling courses at its convenience.

Training materials and student assessment can be requested from their local road safety contact.

Level 3 training is available from private providers. Contact us for details.

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