Ped Safe

50 minute session
Suitable for ages 16-17

‘PedSafe’ is a presentation which looks at the precautions necessary to safely ride a moped or small scooter on the road in Norfolk.

It is delivered by road safety motorcycle experts and is designed for students who are seriously interested and highly likely to become powered two-wheeler riders.

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This combined PowerPoint and DVD presentation has been designed to stimulate discussion and debate covering the following areas:

  • Safe use of the moped
  • Manner of riding,
  • Attitudes to risk taking,
  • Wearing the right clothing and legal responsibilities,
  • Exploring consequences of getting it wrong either on the road or with the law
  • Costs of running a moped/scooter

We will touch on the subject of road death (in a cartoon format) during the presentation. Anyone recently affected by bereavement, particularly a road death, is welcome to skip this part.

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