Step on it young pedestrians

Suitable for ages 5-6
45 minutes

This is a simple, easy to use scheme for Key Stage 1 children to learn basic pedestrian skills and gain roadside knowledge.

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  • Designed to inform in a way which is understandable and safe
  • Adaptable to both urban and rural settings
  • For groups of up to 6 or 8
  • Children move from inside to the car park to the road
  • Q&A group sessions at the end to reinforce messages

We look at street environment and objects, think about how vehicles and their users can endanger road users and consider appropriate behaviour in the different places where children encounter traffic.

Follow up work afterwards has shown very favourable information retention rates.

Children can be trained by teachers, classroom assistants, parent-helpers or others and road safety staff will come into school/group to train an instructor.

A school or group is responsible for CRB checking of its instructors.

Once the school/group has a validated instructor, it can plan and run “Step on it” courses whenever convenient for pupils and staff.

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