Seatbelt Safety Presentation


Suitable for ages 9-10

Thanks to a family who don’t wear seatbelts, this presentation persuades older, primary-aged children that they must always use their seat belt when travelling in a vehicle.

This is a potentially life-saving demonstration on the importance of wearing a seatbelt.

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Delivered by a member of the road safety staff, this presentation is a short, entertaining, age-appropriate history of the catapult principle as used in wartime throughout the ages.

Telling, the sad story of a family who neglect to wear their seatbelts and are involved in a crash at 30mph. They come to grief but their sacrifice is hopefully a lesson to those who watch them.

A model car and bean-bag family are used to make the point - every child must wear a seatbelt every time they’re in the car.

Most of the child road casualties in Norfolk currently occur within vehicles.

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