Road Safety National Events Calendar

National road safety and sustainable travel events for schools, organisations and communities.

Cycle to work day - 5 August 2021

Cycle to Work day is for absolutely everyone. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t cycled in years or have never cycled at all.

All the cycling action will be happening in our free Love to Ride online community.

You can sign up with Facebook, Strava or simply by entering your details, and then connect a smartphone app so you can log their rides.

Visit the cycle to work day website.

The Emergency Services Show - 7-8 September 2021

The two-day event brings together all areas of the emergency services industry - both public & private sector, to discover innovative technology and solutions, share their experiences and unite in their collaborative approach to operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Visit the Emergency Services Show website.

Project EDWARD: Fit for the Road - 13-17 September 2021

Whatever you drive, make sure you and your vehicle are “fit for the road”.

Project EDWARD stands for Every Day Without A Road Death and, in 2021, will focus on “Fit for the Road”.

Visit the Project EDWARD website.

World Car Free day - 22 September 2021

A yearly celebration of cities and towns, free from motor traffic, free from noise, stress and pollution from cars, encouraging motorists to give up their cars for a day.

This is a fantastic chance to discuss the importance of exercise with your children as well as the impact of cars on the environment.

Find out more about world car free day on the Living Streets website.

International walk to school month - October 2021

Living Streets wants to work with parents and carers to encourage more children to walk to school. Are you interested?

Every October is International Walk to School Month – an opportunity for children to join forces with children in more than 40 countries all over the world celebrating the walk to school and all its benefits.

Find out more about International walk to school month on the Living Streets website.

Road Safety Week: Road Safety Heroes - 15-21 November 2021

Road Safety Week aims to inspire thousands of schools, organisations and communities to take action on road safety and promote life-saving messages.

It also provides a focal point for professionals working in road safety to boost awareness and engagement in their work.

This year celebrating the heroic work of road safety professionals and explaining how we can all play a part in making journeys safer for everyone.

Find out more on the Brake website.

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