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Safe, Sustainable Development

  • Date published June 2011
  • Date of last review November 2015
  • Date for next review August 2016

This document contains aims and guidance notes intended to act as best practice and provide general guidance for use by local authorities, developers, designers, councillors, and the community on what is likely to be acceptable to the Local Highway Authority.

The intention is to ensure good design is achieved, thereby improving the safety and quality of the places in which we live.

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Vehicle Access Crossing – Guidance and Application Form to Construct a Domestic/Light Duty Vehicular Access (Footway/Verge Crossing)

  • Date published April 2010
  • Date of last review April 2018
  • Date for next review April 2019

Residential vehicle access crossings, also known as 'dropped kerbs' provide the legal means to allow a householder to access their property safely and easily when using a car or other domestic vehicle. The kerbs, where present, are dropped from their normal height and the pavement or verge is strengthened to take the weight of the vehicle crossing it.

The document sets out requirements and guidance.

Apply online to construct a domestic/light duty vehicular access (footway/verge crossing)

Download offline application form

If the work required is in Norwich contact Norwich City Council on 0344 980 3333 or go to the Dropped Kerbs page of the Norwich City Council website

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Standard Highway Conditions, Informative Notes, Standard Highway Reasons for Refusal and Typical Residential Access Details

  • Date published October 2010
  • Date of last review September 2013
  • Date for next review September 2014

This document contains the standard planning conditions and informative notes used in highway consultation responses issued by the County Council. The conditions are not intended to be prescriptive and may well be modified to suit certain planning proposals.

The reasons for refusal given in this document provide a framework for formulating highway grounds of refusal of planning consent.

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Parking Standards for Norfolk 2007

  • Date published October 2007
  • Date of last review October 2007
  • Date for next review Under review

As Local Highway Authority, Norfolk County Council has historically produced parking standards for use throughout Norfolk. However, the District and Borough Councils now have an obligation to adopt their own standards for inclusion within their Local Development Framework. The County Councils standards are to be used as guidance until the Local Planning Authority adopts its own standards, at which time their standards will take priority.

These standards apply to parking provisions sought for new developments and do not seek to be retrospective, having no effect on parking arrangements attached to existing or consented uses.

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Commuted Sums for Maintaining Infrastructure Assets

  • Date published November 2009

This document produced by ADEPT (Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning & Transport, formerly CCS, County Surveyors Society) aims to provide a transparent and consistent approach to the determination of relevant commuted sum payments for future maintenance aspects of adopted, or otherwise transferred, assets in England and Wales.

The County Council, as Local Highway Authority has adopted the principles contained within the guidance both to the seeking of and to the calculation of commuted sums for the additional maintenance costs resulting from development related highway improvements.

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