Trade waste guide prices

Speak to a member of staff on arrival and they will assess your waste and take payment before you unload your waste.

You will pay less if you separate your waste - separated materials are charged at a lower rate than mixed loads. Payment will need to be paid by debit or credit card.

We calculate prices based on the material and amount of waste you bring.  Your load will be assessed by site staff and prices are non-negotiable. As loads will be assessed into 80 litre bag equivalent amounts we recommend that you separate and bag as much of your waste as possible.

An 80 litre bag is the same size as an old sized dustbin. One is available on site for reference.   

You must separate plasterboard or we won’t accept it.

These guide prices are based per bag or item and include VAT.

The minimum charge is one 80 litre bag or single item.

Any decision made by our staff about trade waste will be final and prices are non-negotiable. Our staff will charge the maximum load price if you try to negotiate on cost.

Prices per 80 litre sack or single item

  • Unsorted/non-recyclable waste - £5.00
  • Green waste - £3.00
  • Flat glass - £5.00
  • Rubble - £3.00
  • Plasterboard - £9.00
  • Timber - £3.00
  • Scrap metal - no charge
  • Paper, textiles, card, and glass bottles - £2.50

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