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Terms and Conditions for using our recycling centres

If you are in self-isolation or have Covid-19 symptoms or have been in recent contact with someone else with symptoms, you must not visit the recycling centres under any circumstances.

Before you visit

Our recycling centres may not always be open – please check the recycling centre closures page for updates on which ones are closed before you visit.

Please wear sensible clothing, gloves and footwear.

While it is not mandatory, we encourage residents visiting the recycling centres to wear a face mask when outside their vehicle and take suitable precautions. 

Please ensure you can unload materials yourself as staff cannot assist.

Materials may be restricted due to lack of collections from sub-contractors.

Social distancing

Keep two metres away from others during your visit. Follow staff instructions and signage. Only one person at a time to use containers or steps. We are currently reviewing our procedures following the government's recent update to the two metre rule.

Vehicle numbers on site will be restricted to allow customers space to unload. There may be long queues so try and avoid busy periods (weekends and mornings). If queuing becomes an issue, people may be asked to leave and return later. Consider if your visit is essential.

Staff will not be able to assist you with unloading your vehicle. However, if you have a physical disability or other condition that prevents you from putting your waste into the container on your own please speak to a member of staff on site and seek advice on how to dispose of the waste.

Only one person to leave the vehicle at a time unless two are needed to unload heavy materials. Do not bring other people from your household with you unless you need help to unload heavy items. Do not let children or pets out of your vehicle.

Can I bring my trade or business waste?

All traders, businesses, community groups, schools, churches, etc. must pay to dispose of materials through the Pay As You Throw scheme. Please note householders will have priority at busy periods.  Trade waste is not accepted at the weekends.  Please visit for more details.

Can I still pay for DIY type waste?

All payments will be taken by card machine (no cash will be accepted). Please use contactless wherever possible and keep 2m away from staff when making payment. Staff will advise on this.

Can I still buy compost bins, bags and items from the Reuse shops?

Reuse shops are open for people to buy unwanted items for bargain prices, or to donate items for reuse. You can also buy compost bins, bags of compost, garden waste bags, and winter gritting salt from recycling centres. See more details of items for sale at each recycling centre.

Additional terms and conditions

Recycling centres are busy places with heavy machinery operating and moving traffic, so it is important to follow our staff instructions to ensure your safety and that of other users and staff. By using our recycling centres, you are agreeing to follow our site safety rules.

The staff are there to help you, so please treat them with respect. Any form of abuse toward our staff will not be tolerated.

Please park without driving over the pedestrian areas and follow staff guidance at all times.

Please bring your waste in manageable loads that you can easily move to the containers.

Staff can help you find the right place to put your recyclables please ask if you are unsure.

CCTV and ANPR is used for monitoring purposes, safety and security. Photography or filming by any means is not permitted on site.

Please do not exceed the 5mph speed limit.

Please do not dispose of recyclable items in black bags. Separate your waste before you visit the recycling centre.

No throwing waste into high containers from ground level – use the steps provided.

Smaller recycling centres close periodically during normal opening hours due to service vehicles entering the centre to empty or change the bins. This will normally be for a maximum of 30 minutes.
No public vehicles or customers are allowed on site during these times.

Do not attempt to retrieve an item from any container – please ask staff for assistance.

No swapping or trading of materials on site. Customers should be aware that we reserve the right to civilly prosecute anybody who trades on our premises. Once the waste has been deposited it becomes the property of the contractor and may only be removed by licensed sub-contractors. Only items from Reuse Shops may be purchased from the centres.

Please do not park outside of the site and walk in with your materials.

No dead animals, or pet waste (apart from small amounts of small animal bedding e.g. rabbits, or guinea pigs which must be double bagged and labelled).

No hazardous waste accepted (apart from on the annual hazardous waste days) or asbestos. This includes any hazardous liquids, explosives, paint or hot ashes.

All DIY type waste is charged for under the Pay As You throw scheme 

Staff may ask you where the waste has come from if you are bringing large quantities to ensure it is your own household waste and you may be asked to sign a disclaimer form.

If using a trade vehicle, staff have the right to ask you to complete a disclaimer form to ensure it is your household waste.

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