Explosives, boat flares and fireworks

We don’t accept explosives at our recycling centres.

Explosives/unused fireworks

Recycling centres do not accept waste of this type as it is hazardous. Do not put any explosives in your kerbside bin. Explosives pose a risk to waste management staff and members of the public.
Advice on how to safely dispose of fireworks.

Used fireworks

You can put used fireworks in your kerbside rubbish bin. Make sure they are fully damp and double-wrapped.

Boat flares

Make an appointment with your nearest HM Coastguard centre for safe disposal. Be ready to give details of type, quantity, age and condition of the flare when you call. They only accept items from recreational water users.

  • North Norfolk Sector Base (c/o MRCC Humber) on 01262 672317 for advice on collection dates at Bacton NN Sector Manager, The Garage, Pollard Street
  • Norfolk Fire Service - 01603 819731
  • The Broads Authority - 01603 610734
  • Marine Safety Centre, Lowestoft - 01502 500940

Ammunition including bullets and cartridges

Contact Norfolk police on 101 for advice or local gun clubs.

Fire arms including BB guns

Contact Norfolk police on 101 for advice on disposal.

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