Household hazardous waste days

We hold special events at some of our recycling centres so that people can dispose of household hazardous waste free of charge.

The next household hazardous waste days will take place at recycling centres across several weekends in September and October 2018.

Opening times are 9am-5pm in September and 9am-4pm in October.

Items we accept during household hazardous waste days

  • Aerosols – full or part-full
  • Car chemicals such as anti-freeze
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Garden pesticides and fertilizers – both liquid and powder form
  • Household chemicals and cleansers – both liquid and powder form. eg carpet cleaner, furniture polish, old bottles of bleach etc
  • Paint – including water-based and solvent-based paint
  • Photographic chemicals
  • Wood preservatives, treatments and varnishes

Items we don’t accept during household hazardous waste days

  • Ammunition, explosives or marine flares
  • Asbestos
  • Commercial (or business, or trade) hazardous waste
  • Fireworks
  • Gas canisters (full or part-full)
  • Petrol, diesel or any other fuel

What to expect when visiting household hazardous waste days and some tips for your visit

  • Keep all products in their original containers
  • Make sure that all products are properly sealed or bagged to avoid leakage when you transport them
  • Any empty or dried out paint tins can be disposed of in your bin at home or scrap metal bins at recycling centres (if metal)
  • These events are very popular so there are likely to be queues when you visit the recycling centre.  Please be patient with our recycling team and other site users.  Typically first thing it is very busy so we recommend coming later in the day.

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