Address: Norwich Road, Fakenham, NR21 8BB

Fakenham fire station is staffed by on-call firefighters. These firefighters are men and women who live or work close to the station and ride the fire appliance when alerted to any fire and rescue incident. The crew consists of a watch manager, three crew managers and twelve firefighters.

The Fakenham firefighters attend one training evening a week, they also commit to training courses at Bowthorpe Fire Training and Development Centre to enhance their firefighting skills.

Being an on-call firefighter at Fakenham

Learn about becoming an on-call firefighter and check job vacancies at Fakenham. 

Average calls per month

  • 10 average daytime call outs per month
  • 5 average evening call outs per month
  • 1 average overnight call outs per month

Average call out time:1 hour 36 minutes

Training night

Wednesday 6.30-9.30pm.

School visits and community events

To enquire about a school visit or attending a community event contact Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service. Visits will depend on resources and we tend to target priority areas for our service.