Fire safety education in schools

Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service delivers fire safety education in schools which is targeted according to where the education will achieve the most benefit. For those schools we are unable to provide direct input we offer a link to sites that provide Fire Safety education support materials.

Our direct Fire Safety education inputs are provided as follows:

Key stage 1 (year 1 to 2 age 5-7) We offer a 60 minute presentation to schools based on how to plan your escape, stop drop and roll, the role of firefighters, and the importance of smoke alarms

Key stage 2 (year 3 to 6 Age 7-11) This is delivered either through Crucial Crew or a 75 minute presentation to schools to reinforce subjects covered in Key Stage 1 and Hoax and malicious calls

Key Stage 3 (year 7 to 9 Age 11-14) This is delivered through a 90 minute theatre presentation by the ‘Stop Watch theatre company’ on the theme of arson reduction

Key Stage 4 (year 10 to 11 Age 14-16) This is delivered through a hard hitting presentation in schools aimed at promoting safety on the roads for this age group who are the next new drivers on the road.

Fire safety resources for teachers 

Crucial Crew

A multi-agency interactive safety experience run by Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service. Within this statutory and voluntary agencies come together to give the children a safety experience which helps to reduce injury and accidents, prevent crime and raise awareness. This very successful event gives children a range of safety information that will often stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Agencies involved in this include;

  • Fire & Rescue Service (Fire Experience Unit)
  • Norfolk Constabulary (personal safety, Internet safety, Theft prevention)
  • HM Coastguard (Seaside safety)
  • EDF Energy (Electrical safety)
  • National Grid (gas safety)
  • Youth Offending team (Anti-Bullying),
  • Forestry Commission (Forest and countryside safety and the environment)
  • St John’s Ambulance (First aid)
  • The Matthew project (Drug and alcohol awareness)
  • Farmwatch (Farm Safety)
  • Environmental Health (Kitchen safety and ‘Risky Rubbish’)
  • British Railway Police (railway safety)
  • Trading Standards (shopping and the law)

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