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High Rise Accommodation

It is important for your own safety to understand what to do in the event of a fire, whether it’s in your flat or somewhere else in the building.

Most high-rise blocks of flats have a "stay put" policy in the event of a fire. You should have been provided with this information when you moved in, however you can also find out your building's policy direct with the management company/council who own the building.

If there is a fire in your flat
•    follow your escape plan: get everyone out, stay out, call 999
•    close all doors behind you as you leave, to contain the fire
•    walk down the nearest stairs or through the nearest fire exit. DO NOT use the lift.

If there is a fire, but not in your flat (and your flat is unaffected by heat or smoke)
•    close your doors and windows
•    stay put unless advised by the fire service
•    call the fire service on 999 – NEVER assume that someone else has already done so – you could save  someone’s life.

If trapped in your flat by fire
•    get everyone to the safest room within the flat, furthest from the smoke/heat entry point is best
•    call the fire service on 999 – and tell us your flat and floor number

If the fire service needs to fully evacuate the building they will knock door to door.


Protect your home
•    fit at least one smoke alarm in your flat
•    test your smoke alarm once a month
•    never take the batteries out
•    always follow the manufacturers advice
Be prepared
•    keep all exits clear both communal corridors and in your home
•    keep door and window keys near the exit
•    prepare a grab bag that you can take if you need to be evacuated. Think about prescriptions, documents such  as your driving licence and passport, spare keys, a mobile phone, charger and a torch.
•    get to know your neighbours. Are they young, elderly or vulnerable? They may need assistance in an emergency

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