Petroleum storage certificates

Petroleum Certification is required for premises that dispense petrol on both retail and non-retail sites.

Petroleum Enforcement Authorities (PEA) is responsible for enforcing the Petroleum (Consolidation) Regulations 2014 and  enforces the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations at workplaces.

A PEA is responsible for issuing either a petroleum storage certificate for dispensing premises or a licence to store petrol at other types of premises, eg private homes.

What counts as dispensing?

Dispensing petrol means the manual or electrical pumping of petrol from a fixed storage tank into the fuel tank of a vehicle with an internal combustion engine, ie retail and non-retail petrol filling stations.

At those premises where there may be dispensing of petrol into containers, such activity is considered ancillary and not of the scale intended to be covered by Part 2 of the regulations

Further information can be found on the health and safety executive website.

Home/club/association (can storage/not dispensing)

  • Below 30 litres – no notification required
  • 30–275 litres – notify PEA (with your name and fuel storage location)
  • 275+ litres - licence required (name, fuel location).  Licences are valid for three years and conditions can be attached.

Workplace storage

If a workplace does not dispense the Petroleum Consolidation Regulations do not apply (DSEAR only) eg can storage/tank to jerry cans etc.

Please note, a workplace may have over 275 litres but unless dispensing then they do not need certification or a licence.

The regulations do not apply to a workplace vehicle engine test bed, which does not need a petroleum storage certificate.

How to apply for a licence

Download the application form

Email completed forms to

Licence fees

We will send you an invoice for the licence fee after we have received your application.  Current fees are:

  • Less than 2,500 litres - £45 for each year of licence
  • More than 2,500 litres but less than 50,000 litres - £61 for each year of licence
  • More than 50,000 litres - £128 for each year of licence.