Jubilee Trees for Norfolk scheme

Collecting your trees

You'll be responsible for collecting your trees from one of our collection points in Norfolk.

If you're application is successful, when we ask for your payment, we'll also ask what day you'd like to collect your trees.

The options are:

  • Saturday 10 December 2022
  • Saturday 14 January 2023
  • Saturday 11 February 2023

Our collection points will be:

  • County Hall (Norwich): 10am-12.30pm
  • Broadland Country Park (Horsford, Norwich): 10.30am-1pm
  • Gaywood library (Kings Lynn): 10.30am-1pm
  • Hawk and Owl Trust (Sculthorpe, Fakenham): 11am-1.30pm
  • Watton library: 10.30am-1pm
  • Acle library: 1.15-3.45pm
  • Long Stratton library: 12-2.30pm

When to plant your trees after collection

You must plant your tree packs within two days of your collection. This will give them the best chance of survival.

Or you can temporarily plant your trees in a well-drained hole or trench, covering the roots with soil. This is called heeling-in. You can then plant it properly at a later date.

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