Jubilee Trees for Norfolk scheme

Looking after your trees

Without care many newly planted trees will die in their early years after planting. There’s information on caring for trees here: Tree Care Campaign - The Tree Council.

Protection for your trees

It’s important to consider protecting your newly planted trees.

We are offering biodegradable spiral guards with a bamboo cane as protection for the trees. The spiral guards are 60cm x 3.8cm. They cost 42p each. You can buy them for some or all of the trees you buy through this scheme.

You can use these for all our packs, except orchard packs (which will come with tree protection).

If you live in an area which has a lot of deer or hare, you might want to consider a taller guard. You can buy these from retailers.

Planting guidance

The following websites have planting guidance:

Tree protection – biodegradable spiral guard and bamboo cane

Biodegradable spiral guard and bamboo cane