Jubilee Trees for Norfolk scheme

Tree pack information

We've listed the species by tree bundle below. As much as possible, we'll equally divide the species for each bundle.

The species included in the packs are a guide only. We may need to substitute some species depending on stock availability. These substitutions are non-negotiable, but we'll make sure any substitute species are suitable for your pack.

You can select a mixture of packs or just one type.

You can also buy protection for your trees when you buy your tree packs. These can help your trees survive. Read 'Looking after your trees' for more planting guidance.

The trees (apart from orchard packs) will be:

  • Bare root - there won’t be any soil around the roots
  • 40-60cm in height
  • Probably without any leaves (if deciduous)

For orchard packs:

  • Trees will be either small or feathered maidens (one year-old trees with several side branches) which will be between 1-1.5m tall
  • Bare root - there won’t be any soil around the roots
  • Probably without any leaves

Read about collecting your trees – we explain when to plant your trees after you've collected your pack.

Taller trees (packs of 20 or 125 trees)

These trees could grow to up to 40m in height in maturity (high canopy trees). They need space to grow without endangering utilities, buildings, roads or pavements. These trees will play an important role in the landscape of the future. They'll provide habitats for a range of wildlife and offer important carbon-capture.

The species are:

  • English oak, Quercus robur
  • Hornbeam, Carpinus betulus
  • Common beech, Fagus Sylvatica
  • Common alder, Alnus glutinosa

Unfortunately, Wild Service is no longer available in the taller tree packs due to the exceptionally dry and hot summer experienced this year. The taller tree packs will now contain higher numbers of English Oak, Hornbeam, Common Beech and Common alder, and packs will still contain either 20 or 125 trees.

Cost of taller trees

  • 20 trees per pack: £18.70
  • 125 trees per pack: £89.90

Small trees/urban (packs of 10 or 125 trees)

These trees are ideal for smaller spaces or gardens as they can reach between 5-15m in height. These trees will provide food for wildlife and interest all year-round.

The species are:

  • Rowan, Sorbus aucuparia
  • Hazel, Corylus avellana
  • Crab apple, Malus sylvestris
  • Hawthorn, Crataegus monogyna
  • Whitebeam, Sorbus aria  

Cost of smaller trees/urban

  • 10 trees per pack: £10.90
  • 125 trees per pack: £79.40

Hedgerow (packs of 20 or 125 trees)

These trees are specially chosen to give a good hedgerow mix that will provide a sturdy barrier and food and shelter to wildlife.

The species are:

  • Hawthorn, Crataegus monogyna
  • Dogwood, Cornus sanguinea
  • Hazel, Corylus avellana
  • Guelder rose, Viburnum opulus
  • Crab apple, Malus sylvestris

Cost of hedgerow trees

  • 20 trees per pack: £16.10 
  • 125 trees per pack: £73.40

Wildlife (packs of 20 or 125 trees)

These trees will grow to a range of heights in maturity, so make sure you have space. In particular for the oak, which could reach up to 40m in maturity. These trees will give shelter and food to a range of wildlife.

The species are:

  • Spindle, Euonymus europaeus
  • Crab apple, Malus Sylvestris
  • Cherry plum, Prunus cerasifera 
  • Hazel, Corylus avellana
  • English oak, Quercus robur

Cost of wildlife trees

  • 20 trees per pack: £17.00
  • 125 trees per pack: £79.40

Orchard (packs of 10 trees – hand selected mix)

Orchard pack availability closing soon - please submit applications by midday Friday 2 December.

The packs contain a carefully selected mix of heritage trees that ensure pollination success. For this reason you should not split up the packs.

We are unable to create standard packs, so the selection you receive could come from a range of traditional English orchard varieties.

Each pack will contain:

  • One hazelnut tree 
  • At least one apple tree

Then a mix taken from the following (which we will balance to make sure it has the best pollinator partners):

  • Pear/plum/medlar/cherry/greengage/quince (the mix may not contain all of these species)

The orchard packs also come with tree guards.

Cost of orchard trees

  • 10 trees per pack: £200

Tree pack examples - taller tree, small/urban, hedgerow and wildlife packs

Person holding a pack of saplings (young trees) with bare roots (no soil)
Credit: The Tree Council

Orchard tree examples