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How to get involved

In late Spring 2021 we will be sharing detailed information here about how you can get involved, whether you’re planning to plant just a couple of trees or create a whole new woodland.

In the meantime we encourage you to think about where you might like to establish trees – get creative, it could be a community orchard in your parish or school grounds, a new hedge for pollinators in your garden, or perhaps even expanding an enterprise that supports the local economy. Maybe you have a patch of ground that would be perfect for natural regeneration (where tree seedlings establish themselves with protection from grazing). We also want to encourage better management of trees that are already there and fill in gaps across the landscape. The more connection and variety we can create across Norfolk the better.

Right tree, right place

Remember it is vitally important to establish the right tree in the right place. Trees are amazing but what is already there may be even more amazing! Or perhaps a particular tree species isn’t suited to your soil or location. We’ll be providing advice to help ensure this is checked thoroughly. It is equally important that the trees are looked after so that they survive and thrive throughout their life, and we’ll be offering guidance on this too.

Your ideas

Looking ahead to the end of this planting season, we’ll be asking you in Spring 2021 to tell us your ideas for establishing new trees in Norfolk. We’ll put up details on how to do this closer to the time.
If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact us on

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