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Try our 30 day fitness challenge

Did you know that you should be aiming to do about 60 minutes of exercise every day? If that seems hard, we have put together this daily fitness diary to help get you started – whether you’re stuck indoors or not.

Please make sure you have plenty of space around you and that a grown up is nearby.

Day 1

Do 10 star jumps. Then try 20. How many can you do in 30 seconds?

Day 2

Duck walk around the room for 30 seconds. Can you do it 2 more times?

Day 3

Stand and stretch up high then touch your toes, do this 10 times. Now try with your feet apart.

Day 4

Pretend to play basketball. Dribble the ball and then shoot for a basket.

Day 5

Do crazy dancing for 2 minutes. Add some jumps and spins.

Day 6

Travel around with only your hands and feet on the floor. How long can you last?

Day 7

Try to do some press ups. Maybe 3? Now, how long can you hold a press up balance for?

Day 8

Come up with a dance routine and teach it to someone else.

Day 9

Pick up a ball from the floor without using your hands. Now try it using different parts of your body.

Day 10

Lay on the floor and pretend to swim. Try lots of different strokes. Can you last for the length of the pool?

Day 11

Balance a cuddly toy on different parts of your body and move around the room. Don't let it fall.

Day 12

Try some cartwheels or bunny hops. Make sure you've got enough space.

Day 13

Lay on the floor and peddle your legs in the air like you're on a bike. Can you last 30 seconds?

Day 14

Use a rope to skip. How many can you do in 1 minute? Can you beat your score?

Day 15

Move around the room like an animal. Can you do 5 different animals?

Day 16

Make up your own game using a ball and a bucket.

Day 17

Run on the spot as fast as you can for 30 seconds. Rest and then try again but faster this time.

Day 18

Find 3 different ways to move around the room. Now try them all at three different speeds.

Day 19

Do ten skips forward and then 10 hops back. Repeat 5 times.

Day 20

Squat down and hold for 10 seconds. Shake your legs and repeat 2 more times.

Day 21

Try 5 different stretches. Hold each position for 10 seconds.

Day 22

Play balloon keepy ups. How long can you keep the balloon in the air?

Day 23

Shake your whole body for one minute. Try it to some music.

Day 24

Pretend to be a kick boxer. Punch, punch, kick. Punch, punch kick. Can you keep going for 30 seconds?

Day 25

Use a ball and play throw and catch. How many can you do without dropping it?

Day 26

Create an obstacle course and time yourself doing it.

Day 27

Make your own agility ladder on the floor with masking tape. Now see how many ways you can cross it.

Day 28

Jump up high then do a press up on the floor. You're doing a 'burpee'. How many more can you do?

Day 29

Pretend to play tennis. Using sidesteps to get to the ball. Can you keep the rally going?

Day 30

You did it! Choose your favourite challenge. Then lay still on the floor with your eyes closed and relax for one whole minute.


Get your grown ups to post us pics on Facebook of your obstacle course - we'd love to see how adventurous you are!

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