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Create an ABC story

Do this with your grown up - it's fun to do together

About this challenge – let’s

Begin with a

Clear example – here’s what you have to


Every day we tell

Friends and family our stories. Some are

Good, some are

Hilarious, or even

Incredible. But they all begin with ABC

An ABC story is when you use all 26 letters of the alphabet in the right order, to help you make up a story. You have to start each new sentence or line with the next letter of the alphabet or you could even try starting every new word with the next letter.

Did you know? This kind of writing is called Acrostic

  • You can write a story, or a poem, or even a joke!
  • You can write it on your own – or do it with other people in your home, taking it in turns to find a word or a sentence that uses the next letter of the alphabet.
  • How about telling your story using your ABC backwards? Start with Z and end with A.
  • Think about your story – did it surprise you? Did it make you laugh? What was your favourite bit of the story?
  • Share you story with other people – include people you know in your story and let them know you wrote about them. Did it surprise them? What bit did they like best?
  • Why not try writing other stories so that the letters spell out a special word, or someone’s name – or even a secret message!

Why not ask your grown ups to share your story with us on our Facebook page? Use the hashtag #SummerFunNorfolk.

Credit: Norfolk and Norwich Festival

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