Low cost broadband deals

Save money getting online and improving your digital skills

You may be struggling with living costs for a range of reasons, or perhaps you just need help getting online, or want to develop your skill furthers. Find out what support is available and get advice.

If you’re a low income family, you could be eligible for a discounted broadband service.

About 4.2 million UK households are eligible for special discounted internet packages. But only 55,000 have signed up so far.

These packages, known as social tariffs, can be a safety net for eligible households who might struggle to afford broadband or phone services.

Ofcom has found that millions of families could each save up to £144 on their annual broadband bills.

You can find the latest deals on the Ofcom website, or on price comparison websites such as:

Do also visit the provider's website to check the deal is available in your area and that you're eligible.

National Databank

The Norfolk Library service also participates in the National Databank scheme. This offers completely free mobile data for six months for people struggling to afford their mobile tariff or have inadequate access to the internet either at home or outside of the home.

To find out more step into your local branch to ask to be referred or send us an email at libraries.iconnect@norfolk.gov.uk.

Get help from the Norfolk Assistance Scheme

The Norfolk Assistance Scheme (NAS) helps people who are in financial hardship and cannot pay their living costs.

NAS can support with digital communication items, such as laptops or mobile phones, if the following apply to you:

  • Looking for employment
  • Engaging in training
  • Seeking housing
  • Maintaining a Universal Credit application
  • Suffering from social isolation
  • Suffering from financial constraints

Make an application for help to NAS

Help with living costs

Find out more about help with other costs of living

Help with getting online and digital skills

If you need help getting online, or want to develop your digital skills further, Norfolk County Council can help you:

Digital support in Norfolk libraries

The Norfolk Library Service also offers a number of initiatives to help with improving digital skills or getting the best out of online services. Step into your local branch to ask about the support available or send us an email at libraries.iconnect@norfolk.gov.uk.

The following services are available across the whole of Norfolk:

  • Digital champions - get help to learn how to complete digital tasks like checking your email or using a word processor
  • Using library apps - get support to use the apps offered with your library membership
  • Digital health hubs - get help to access your GP’s online services, use the NHS app, or find reliable health information

The following services are available remotely (via email, phone, or video call) or in-person at select branches in Norwich, Kings Lynn, and Thetford areas:

  • Taxing Times - get support to engage with HMRC online. Our tax champions can help you locate useful information and find the right forms to fill in.

The following services are available in Kings Lynn only:

  • Job Club - get help to look for jobs online or write a CV or covering letter