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We are pleased to confirm that O2 has brought forward its 5G launch in Norwich by two years and a live service is now available. 

We'll continue our efforts to lobby the Mobile Network Operators to both improve network coverage across the county and prioritise Norwich and Norfolk for further investment. We'll keep you updated on progress made by other mobile operators as the news comes in. 

Read more about O2's 5G rollout across Britain, including Norwich.

Is 5G harmful to health?

5G has the potential to have a range of positive impacts on people’s health through the greater use of smart technology.

A small number of people have voiced concerns about potential negative health impacts of the introduction of 5G mobile technology. Anyone with concerns should refer to Ofcom (the mobile industry regulator) and Public Health England. These organisations are responsible for advising the government on medical aspects of the technology and will be able to provide the latest guidance.

Margot James MP, the former Digital Minster, said: “A considerable amount of research has been carried out on radio waves and Public Health England have concluded that exposures of radio waves to the public are well within the international health-related guideline levels that are used in the UK.”

Matt Warman MP, UK Digital Minister, said: “[The] government will support work to bust health myths over 5G, which WHO (the World Health Organisation) say poses the same risk as talcum powder and pickled vegetables. There is no credible evidence to back up concerns and huge evidence for the economic benefit of gigabit-capable networks.”

An Ofcom spokesperson said: “We work with Public Health England and take their recommendations into account in how we manage airwaves. They have found no evidence that 5G poses any new health risks compared to previous mobile technologies.

"There are international guidelines to ensure mobile airwaves are transmitted safely, and the airwaves that will be used for 5G have been used safely in telecoms and other services for many years. We will continue to work with health bodies and monitor any developments to the evidence in this area.”

Check out Public Heath England for some more guidance.

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