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Introducing 5G

There's a lot of hype right now about 5G networks, with companies such as EE promising far faster mobile phone data services and much greater capacity.

The first commercially available 5G coverage has now been launched in the UK, but it's only available on new handsets in six UK cities. A further 10 cities are in the rollout plans for 2020 and at present Norwich is not on that list.

We're working with industry and the Government to encourage mobile network operators to bring this technology to Norfolk. This will improve coverage and mobile speeds, as well as provide benefits such as ultra-low latency connectivity for use in areas such as Agri-tech and Norfolk’s vibrant tech sector.

Is 5G harmful to health?

5G has the potential to have a range of positive impacts on people’s health through the greater use of smart technology.

A small number of people have voiced concerns about potential negative health impacts of the introduction of 5G mobile technology. Anyone with concerns should refer to Ofcom (the mobile industry regulator) and Public Health England. These organisations are responsible for advising the government on medical aspects of the technology and will be able to provide the latest guidance.

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