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EXPERIENCE will train and support local businesses, organisations and individuals. It will help them develop their ideas for unique autumn and winter experiences and activities.

They may be new ideas or adapted ideas - anything from traditional to quirky which are authentic to the area.   


A high-profile marketing campaign will promote the new experiences as individual activities, and as part of themed itineraries for day trips or multi-day visits.


The experiences will be designed to appeal to visitors between October and March. This will extend the tourist season and bring in money to the local economies of the project’s six areas.


  • To attract 20 million new visitors by 2023
  • To generate €1 billion of extra spending
  • Increase visitor spending by five percent in the off-season alone

At the end of the project, the new tourism strategy and learning gained through EXPERIENCE will be shared freely on our website. This will enable regions through the UK, France and across the world to take the experiential tourism model and tailor it to their own areas.

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